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Our Pick For Sexual Contraceptive Awareness

PlanB One-Step Emergency Contraceptive


Prevents pregnancy after unprotected sex or after another birth control method fails.

Prioritize your well-being

Book now for comprehensive testing. From COVID-19 and RSV to Flu, blood pressure, STDs, and beyond, we've got your health covered!

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Book your vaccination, safeguarding your well-being and community resilience.

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Health Services

Health Screenings

Elevate your health awareness with our quick and convenient health screenings!


We offer a variety of vaccinations to help your body fight off virusus!


Come get yourself tested to ensure your safety!

Health and Medicines

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Pharmacist Consultation

Our staff offers in-depth consultations to ensure a clear understanding of prescribed medication!

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What Are The Benefits To Speaking With Your Pharmacists?

At Bethel Pharmacy, our pharmacists are dedicated to providing unparalleled care. With unwavering commitment, they go above and beyond, blending expertise, compassion, and hard work to ensure your health receives the extraordinary attention it deserves.

Personalized Medication Guidance

Speaking with your pharmacist allows for personalized guidance on medications, including insights into side effects, proper dosage, and potential interactions, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your treatment plan.

Early Detection of Health Issues

Engagement with your pharmacist builds a personalized understanding of your health history and medications, enabling early detection and prevention of potential issues, ensuring your well-being is our priority!

Clarification of Medical Instructions

Empower your healthcare journey with clear communication from your pharmacist. We're here to ensure you understand complex medical instructions, making it easier to follow your regimen accurately and safely!

Health and Wellness Advice

Our pharmacists provide advice on lifestyle modifications, preventive measures, and over-the-counter products to support your health goals and enhance overall well-being!

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